Site Accessibility Features

This site is made with the highest standards of accessibility compliance. It is made with HTML5 and backwards compatibility to ensure it works with the highest number of devices.

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme is designed for high contrast. They are made in high compliance with WCAG 1.0 standards.

Further reading: RNIB WCAG 1.0 colour standards

Navigation Access Keys

The navigation bar features access keys to help you navigate using the numerical keys. You can access pages directly using:

Firefox and Safari: ctrl/alt/ (number displayed on menu)

For more information on Access Keys for your browser, please see help files or search for Access Keys and your browser/platform.

Further reading on Access Keys: WebAIM

Font sizes

We have worked to use the greatest possible clarity in font sizes. In some cases you may want larger or smaller sizes. The site is designed to adapt to your browser zoom feature. Most browsers have a View menu where you will find this feature.

Image alt tags

We have endeavoured to provide alt tags for all images for accessibility and web standards compliance.


All contact links are accessible on a touchscreen browser, just tap the links to call or email.