Advertising with Equal Citizen Services

Advertising Rates

The following rates apply in relation to advertising on our website.

£ 50.00                    Not for profit organisations

£ 100.00                  Profit making organisations

£ 200.00                  Profit making organisations turnover of £1,000.000+

Price is per advert for 1 week.

Please contact us to place adverts or to ask about a discounted rate for regular advertising.

Advertising Policy

In considering your wish to advertise with us we will take into account the following points;

  1. “We will ask you to remove or change language or anything else that we deem to be incompatible with promoting the well being of disabled people and/ or the rights of other minority groups.
  2.  We will refuse to work with advertisers who are not prepared to make such changes or whose advertising breeches the law or good practice guidance.
  3.  We will refuse to take advertisements from advertisers who are known to clearly worsen conditions for disabled people. Also advertisers who are known to be involved in activities, which will inevitably increase people’s impairments e.g. arms manufacturers, tobacco manufacturers and supporters of violent government regimes.
  4.  We will refuse advertisements for goods and/or services, or from organisations that are generally at odds with our policy of promoting independent living.
  5.  We will encourage advertisements for goods and/or services and from organisations that are generally supportive of our policy.

This would include adverts for e.g. accessible motor vehicles including cars, Motability scheme vehicles, goods and services used by the general public that are also accessible to disabled people, accessible leisure and holidays.

  1. We will make a judgment about the price and quality of the goods and services advertised in deciding whether or not an advertisement supports our policy or not.  We will not accept advertising that seeks to exploit disabled people by clearly charging excessive prices.  We will particularly accept advertisements that clearly offer good value.
  2. We will encourage recruitment advertisements where the employment would appear to be clearly beneficial to disabled people including jobs from organisations of disabled people. (This would exclude jobs offering poor rates of pay, poor working conditions, and sheltered employment.  It would include adverts for Personal Assistants).
  3. We will accept government advertising from within the U.K. except where it fails one of the other tests.
  4.  If an advertisement is accepted and later it is found that there is something clearly unacceptable about the advertisement or the advertiser, we will withdraw the advertisement if possible and the advertiser will be informed that subsequent advertisements will not be accepted.
  5.  We will investigate complaints from any disabled person who questions whether an advertisement we have accepted meets this policy.
  6.  We will do our best to only agree to accept advertisements that comply with this policy. However the person who accepts the advert will not be held responsible if there was no obvious information that indicated that the advertisement should have been rejected at the time it was accepted.
  7.  Our disclaimer accompanies all advertising we accept.